We are here, to serve the ever increasing commerical
requirements for providing high quality and prompt
investigative management services.

Company Profile

Piracy Defence Force India Private Limited is established in India to serve the ever increasing commercial requirements for providing high quality, accurate and prompt Investigative and risk management services.

Vijay Kumar Pandit Country Representative, India, Managing Director of Piracy Defence Force India Private Limited- an Investigation Company. Having traveled nationally he has over twenty years of diverse experience on various investigation issues including vigilance training, Litigation and support, Intellectual Property Rights , Profile checks and many more.

He has personally conducted numerous investigations involving infringement of Trade Mark, Copyright and Patent rights and joint venture investigations. Case of such nature has helped in providing his with the right legal contacts required for completing such assignments.

Over a period of time we have worked with some of the most reputed companies primarily in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics & Vegetable Oil, Agricultural Pesticides & Cosmetics sector to solve infringement problems. We take great pride in saying, that we are one among the very few investigation agencies in India who have been successful in Infringement assignments.

Information, though difficult, can be gathered if a professional approach is used in infringement. The tough part is the raid action and ensuring legal action at least in India. This is where we specialize. Over a period of time, we have established a good network with the legal authorities and can handle such assignments very well.
Our approach is professional, but also personal as the sole interest of our clients is top priority in our minds.

We specialize in identifying the retail, distributor and manufacturing network. We then conduct a background check on the manufacturer to identify his social, political and legal network so to plan our raid action properly. Raids are then conducted with the help of a court order and with the local police or crime branch department. We also ensure the legal action thereafter should the company so desire. We also have undercover operations to gather market information on a yearly contract basis.The infringement law in India is so bendable that proper knowledge and planning is utmost important.

Our Network

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Assam
  • Bihar
  • Delhi
  • Gujrat
  • Haryana
  • Jharkhand
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Mumbai
  • Orissa
  • Punjab
  • Rajasthan
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • West Bengal