PIRACY DEFENCE FORCE can help you do something
about Corporate Intelligence, through our business
intelligence services-a set of strategic tools.

Corporate Intelligence

Our Corporate Service Includes


Learning enough about competition to devise proactive and reactive strategies including competitors.

Business Relationships & Transactions

Evaluting the capabilities, weakness and reputation of potential or
existing clients.

Sales Opportunities

Maximizing opportunities to win contracts, develop major new customers or maintain existing ones.

Due Diligence

Mergers and Acquistion Joint Ventures and partnerships.

Business today faces a real dilemma: What your competition knows can hurt you. So can potential business partners, disgruntled ex-employees and other interested parties. But how do you find out what outside forces are doing, what threats they may pose, and what their fallibilities may be ? And, once you do know, how can you capitalize upon those factors to make your business stronger and more profitable?

Strategic Tools

Piracy Defence Force can help you do something about it through our business intelligence service-a set of strategic tools that can help you better manage your organization, using:

  • A far-reaching network of investigative and consulting professionals
  • An in-depth knowledge of the strength and shortcomings of technology
  • An intrinsic knowledge of business strategies and execution

Information can be a powerful force in exploiting your business’s strengths and shoring up its weakness. In addition, it can also provide a clear sense of what outside influence may be planning – along with their far – reaching implications for your business.Then, by analyzing, interpreting and explaining the broad implications of the information gathered, we can provide you with actionable steps that you can take to strengthen and protect your business.

What you need most

Our understanding of where information can be found, where it may be hidden, and who can help get you what you need most, results in the above mentioned services.

Never in history has the phrase ” It always pays to know who you are doing business with” had more profound meaning.

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