PIRACY DEFENCE FORCE can help you do something
about Corporate Intelligence, through our business
intelligence services-a set of strategic tools.

Profile Checks

Our Services Includes

  • References
  • Assets
  • Finance

The importance of knowing whom you are entering into business with, or employing, is becoming more and more important as the intensity of business increases.

We provide, a comprehensive profiling service to supply relevant background knowledge to clients, allowing timely and correct decisions to be made with confidence.


When applied to an individual, it is vital that the correct person is recruited. We will carry out verification of :

  • Qualifications professionals
  • Previous work history
  • Education
  • Financial Status

When applied to a company it is important to know the full history of the company, we carry out due diligence on:

    • Financial history
    • Business Performance
  • Reputation
  • Shareholders and Directors


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